You say, you support the troops,
You say, you support the rights of others
You say, you support the cure for cancer
You say, you support the betterment of mankind

Then you say, that you think cannabis, AKA marijuana, needs to be outlawed. and we have to use pills.

"ARE YOU INSANE?" Or brainwashed? Either way, it is "YOU" that is causing the pain and death of so many of your brothers and sisters.

When will you learn that there is a faction of this world that is trying to kill you, and your ignorance is helping them.

Take the time to learn more. 
Join us at WWW.hempeneers.com.
You too can help save a life.
Find a local Petitioner and help us get the Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act SOS #2016-013 onto the ballot for 2016.

Help us educate those who need to hear the TRUTH. 
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