Send in your version of the Cannabis Can song. If we choose your song to be a part of the edited version, you will receive credits on the final version and a 5 pack of the bumper stickers. All songs entered will be voted on by viewers. Get seen. Record your version now, and enter. Competition is closed February 1st 2016.

Enter to win a 5 pack of stickers(Below) to share with your friends.



10/19/2015 8:15pm

Let's see what you got.

04/06/2016 5:50am

It's terrific you have update it.thank you.I discovered this is an informative and also fascinating article.

08/15/2016 2:32am

I have read so many articles on cannabis for the competition. Those are all needed to gather many posts from online. So that, we are all happy to have different topics and posts from all the websites.

11/13/2016 3:31am

Ok, I will check this song right now! I will share this information with my friends.


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